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Types of Lotto

Variations of the game. Rules and regulations.

Generally, at a lotto agency, you will be offered to play between different national lotteries. The way in which the lotto works varies from one country to another. The main difference between them are the six or seven balls draws, the number of balls to be drawn and also the number of draws made per week. Below are the most popular types of lottery commonly played:

49’s 6-Ball

This game is called this way because of the numbers in the draw. Here, six balls are drawn along with a bonus ball. The only balls that count in order to win a prize are the first six drawn. This game is drawn twice a day.

49’s 7-Ball

This draw consists of seven balls along with a bonus ball. As the game described before, only the first seven balls count, and it is also drawn twice a day.

New York Lottery (6-ball)

This lotto offers one of the biggest payouts but also has the largest numbers of balls drawn. The six numbers of your choice are picked out from 59 balls, which decreases your chances of winning. On the bright side, prizes tend to be much bigger. Two draws are held every week, on Saturday and Wednesday evenings. The New York Lottery 7-ball is the same, with the difference that the number of balls you have to pick are 7 instead of 6.

Spanish Lottery

This lotto is also known as “el Gordo”. It is a 49 ball lottery with six and seven ball draws. The game is drawn twice a week, on Saturday and Wednesday. The probability of getting all the numbers in a row is pretty low, which means that if you win, you get a larger layout, which is similar to the New York Lottery.

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