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It doesn’t really matter which bingo game you like to play! Because whether it’s 70-ball or it’s 90-ball the level of entertainment on all the bingo games remains the same. But for an ideal bingo thrill make sure you spend some time in learning how to play bingo games. So, let’s start from scratch…

Bingo is an exciting number game which is played with 90 or 75 numbers. To begin with you need to purchase bingo cards with some numbers printed on them. Every bingo game has different types of bingo cards. For instance, in 75 ball bingo there is a 5X5 bingo card with 24 numbers and one free space on it. Whereas on the other hand, in the 90 ball bingo game, a bingo card has three rows and nine columns with 15 numbers and 12 free spaces on it.

Purchased the bingo card? Now get ready with your favorite dauber to mark the numbers on your card as they are called out. The moment you strike off all the numbers on your bingo card to achieve a designated pattern, shout ‘BINGO’ and get your reward.

Know how to play bingo? Now switch on your computer and sign up with a reputed bingo brand like, and practically learn how to play bingo games free of cost in the free bingo lotto rooms.

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