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How to Avoid Lottery Scams

How to Protect Yourself

Lottery, Lotto, Lotteries shows you how to avoid getting scammed by shady companies selling inferior lottery products.

Don’t be conned by lottery schemes. It is a proven fact that the harder a lottery product is hyped, the less value the lottery product actually has. Con artists are better at writing hype than creating lottery systems.

  • Beware of spending money on lottery products that guarantee you will win the lottery. that guarantee you will win a specific amount of money every week, or month, or that guarantee you will win a greater percentage of the time. These are empty promises to lure you into handing over your hard earned cash.
  • Beware of lottery products that claim to be the best — as so many, or most of them do. The best lottery products are those others compare theirs to. If a “lottery expert” claims his product is better than product X, then you should buy the product X he compares his to, because obviously it is the one that set the standard of actually being the best.
  • Beware of buying copycat products that look like or imitate or plagiarize the lottery products (or product description) of others. Very few lottery products out there are original. Most are watered down versions of someone else’s successful product.
  • Beware of buying a lottery product from anyone who rides on an internet provider’s web site. Be realistic: How can someone who is too cheap or too poor to have his own web site tell you the secret of winning lotto millions?
  • Beware of buying a lottery product from a web site that hides their domain name behind a proxy so that it is impossible to find out who owns the web site.
  • Beware of buying a lottery product from a web site that doesn’t have a telephone number. Be suspicious that the web site owner has no intention of answering questions or handling complaints. You are easily ignored if only an email address is given. Legitimate web sites have phone numbers with live people manning the phones.
  • Beware of emails, letters or telephone calls informing you that you have won international lottery millions. Legitimate lotteries never notify winners and never make you pay a fee to collect a prize. Do not respond to such letters or phone calls. Delete the emails or report them as spam. Don’t fall victim to the crooks who are after your money and who may even steal your identity.

Don’t forget to check out our lottery product reviews so you can learn which products are worth the purchase and which are hyped-up schemes geared to steal your money. If you’ve tried out a lottery product, we’d love to hear from you about it. Submit your review today of any lottery products you’ve tried, whether good or bad.

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