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History of Lotto

Lotto Origins

Experts believe that in the time of Julius Caesar, there was a certain form of lottery. But when it really expanded was in Europe between the 15th and 17th century. In the year 1948, Portugal supported a lottery that was instituted in order to help raise funds for the less privileged people and also to help the country’s economy in general.

Even earlier, in 1783, the Queen D. Maria Pia authorized the Lotaria Nacional Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa, which is one of the world’s oldest working lotteries. The Netherlands also supported lotteries; in 1727, another one of the oldest still working lotteries was constructed. In those times, the main reason for building a lottery in the first place was to raise a country’s economy so that it could pay its wars, construct roads and buildings.

In North America, the lottery followed a different path. Lotteries helped fund the Virginia Company in 1607 as well as Harvard University. It was soon after that that lotteries became very popular, more widespread and less regulated. Due to the corruption in lotteries that were operated privately between 1820 and 1878, New Cork released the first constitutional prohibition regarding lotteries in USA and Canada. By 1878 all states, except Louisiana prohibited lotteries.

A century later, state lotteries were finally created. The first scratch-off lottery ticket, called The Instant Game, printed by the Dittler Brothers, was released in 1974 by the State Lottery in Massachusetts. This kind of game resulted very popular, as it offered something that no other kind of game had offered before: instant money.

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